Our company Loigo Marine Supply Ltd, founded in 1991, is one of the leading ship suppliers in Estonia, ISSA member. We deliver ship supply not only to all ports of Estonia, but also to the ports of Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. We can arrange deliveries of goods by truck, by sea or by air to any country of the world in accordance with shipowners’ orders.

The goods are delivered at any time of the day, on days off and on holidays.We provide good service and high quality of goods at reasonable prices.

Our highly professional staff has got a many years’ experience.For the passed years we managed to earn our partners’ trust and to become the leading ship supplier in the Baltic area and in some other regions.

As a result of professionalism and high quality of service the company was certified ISO9001:2000.

For fulfilling our customers’ orders we apply to ISSA and IMPA catalogues.

We have got an experience of supplying newly-built vessels when the vessels were built in Europe, the orders containing about 1500 various items of technical supply were fulfilled within 30-45 days, and the goods were collected by us from 10-12 countries.

The company provides a wide range of deck, cabin, engine supply, rescue and safety equipment, anchors, anchor chains, domestic equipment, wire ropes, polypropylene and some synthetic ropes, lines and signal halyards, various gases, marine paints and marine chemicals. Our company is Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s agent, we deliver Unitor’s chemicals and gases to the vessels and sell chemicals to local customers.We can supply a wide assortment of metals (steel and non-ferrous metals), metal wares, welding electrodes, working clothes and footwear for all seasons and of high quality.You can order and receive from us stationery, flags, gaskets and sealants, electric goods and equipment, fastening and lashing equipment, fire fighting and safety equipment in accordance with Marine Registers’ and SOLAS requirements and with corresponding certificates attached.

Recently we have become a distributor of ultrasonic cleaning tanks on the territory of Baltic states after signing an agreement with a company manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning tanks used for cleaning of engine spare parts.

A range of services rendered includes repair and service works and testing of vessels equipment and machinery:

  • Liferafts and hydrostatic releases,
  • Breathing apparatuses of various manufacturers,
  • Lifejackets and lifebuoys,
  • Pilot ladders,
  • Magnetic compasses,
  • Marine clocks and chronometers,
  • Dielectrical means,
  • Foam generators,
  • Fire fighting equipment,
  • Refilling of fire extinguishers of all types and capacity,
  • Laundry.

In accordance with customers’ requirements we arrange repair works:

  • Piping and hull works,
  • Rewinding of electric motors and transformers,
  • Repair of marine diesel engines,
  • Hydraulic hoses works,
  • Nautical equipment service,
  • Recondition of spare parts of engines,
  • Other works on customer’s request.

Our main goal is not deliveries only but providing services accompanying these deliveries. Highly qualified goods and timely deliveries ensure normal and safety functioning of vessels at sea.

We understand that the majority of customers-shipowners are interested to receive an optimum combination of a good price and quality plus a timely delivery. We try to keep this balance strictly and in connection with such requirements we collect the assortment of goods being kept in our modern storehouse in Tallinn. The storehouse has modern refrigeration facilities and many-levelled shelves which are in accordance with all today’s requirements.

The assortment of provisions and bonded stores includes:

  • All kinds of dried and fresh food,
  • All kinds of beverages,
  • Alcohol,
  • Cigarettes and tobaccos
  • and some other products.

In our company we have worked out a system of selection of suppliers and manufacturers, whose products and bonded stores are delivered to vessels. It is not a problem for us to fulfil orders 365 days a year at any required time.

Not to the quality of goods only, but to the way of packing, too, we pay our attention.The automobiles which deliver the food-stuffs to the vessels are equipped with refrigerators. We constantly widen the scope of services rendered to all types of vessels. We are always ready to answer all questions concerning goods and deliveries, and we shall be glad if our company becomes your constant supplier.